Due to the increase of supplies, energy, VAT and business rates, we have adjust our ALL YOU CAN EAT Menu price from Sunday 29th May, 2022. As you know we’re still one set price for all you can eat - Cooked to orders,  so you can enjoy unlimited courses with fresh made

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Our Story

Since opening in 2017, BAMBUDDA Pan-asian restaurant brings a modern twist to this  unique style of the Asia's street food bars and the array of dishes found in the bustling cities and towns across China, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan


BAMBUDDA offer both A La Carte Menu and Chinese Tapas Style (AYCE) Menu cooked to order with hundred delicious dishes regularly changing to keep excitement 


Each BAMBUDDA restaurant has variety of our signature cocktails whilst chatting with friends in our restaurant bar - plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of Asian inspired magic.